Gordon Wetmore – Portrait Pioneer

Gordon Wetmore was many great and wonderful things to many people.  Gordon Wetmore, along with his name, still represents great and wonderful things despite his untimely death August of 2011.  He always will be the ultimate father and husband to his family.  Without question,  he will always be that fun-loving guy to his friends, past students and acquaintances.  He will always be respected by his contemporaries, his colleagues and his business associates.   Gordon will always be a part of our business.  He’ll be truly missed by everyone.

When one meets Gordon Wetmore,  its not forgotten or taken for granted. Charming and well-spoken, Gordon could glide through the most difficult of portrait sittings.  Armed with his sensitive,  gentle nature and easy to laugh personality, clients LOVED him no matter what was going on.  Gordon thrived with these skills if he knew it or not!  Portrait commissions were handled leaving the client, subject and associate, if there was one,  happy at the end of the day.  Is it a coincidence that one of Gordon’s commissioned portraits was of author, Norman Vincent Peale?  People liked Gordon and Gordon liked people, and for a portrait artist, that’s a winning combination.

Commissioned portraiture is a small industry which makes us a community as well.  The industry collectively grieves the loss of one of the longest represented artists we’ve ever known.  Gordon was one of the first popular portrait artists, available to travel to a client’s home for a commission.  Since 1980, his pastel and oil portraits have been loved and admired.  They hang in universities, hospitals and government offices as well as in private homes throughout the world.  We feel privileged to have known him, and he will always be remembered and appreciated here at Portraits South.